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Steel Beam Calculator Ltd

Are you a Building Surveyor, Building Designer, Architectural Technician, Architect or Engineer that needs a more efficient way to design steel beams? Our online steel beam calculator will enable you to design steel beams quickly and easily.

Is your construction job being delayed by the need for costly beam calculations, if so this innovative new product from Steel Beam Calculator Ltd may be able to help you get back on track. takes the waiting out of calculating.

It is an instant and easy to use programme which designs in accordance with the most advanced eurocodes. For a minimal investment, the detailed calculations in some instances can reduce steel requirements by over a quarter allowing efficient delivery and installation. The benefits of the steel beam calculator is now being experienced on thousands of building projects across the UK and has been used by thousands of subscribers over the last 6 years, tried and tested.

The free demo version allows you to design beams with a span length fixed at 1 metre.

The full version allows users to design and check simply supported universal beams, universal columns and parallel flange channels for spans up to 10 metres in length.

For the introductory price of £39 for 1 months unlimited access, £57 for 3 months unlimited access and just £180 for 12 months unlimited access, the full version allows you to:

* Run unlimited calculations for beams up to 10m in length.
* Add custom text to the PDF report (e.g. customer name/address job number etc)

Benefits of the steel beam calculator include:

  • Great value for money, unlimited access costs from just £39 and the steel beam calculator can be used as many times as you like during that subscription period.
  • Designs in accordance with the most advanced Eurocodes, which in some instances can reduce steel requirements by over a quarter when compared to British Standards. To see a steel beam design example comparing Eurocodes versus British Standards click here.
  • Generates a detailed PDF report accepted by Building Control Departments.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Create Steel Beam Calculations from anywhere, from your PC, Mac, iPad or SmartPhone
  • No software to download, it's all done from the website
  • Free technical support provided to all users

The structural calculations produced by the calculator comply with the latest European Design Codes and are suitable for UK Building Regulation Approval. The unique feature of this product is that it allows users to select loads from drop down menus speeding up the design process and the accuracy of the calculations.

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